Charcoal Drawings

Top Hat

Top Hat


This is a charcoal drawing of a figure wielding a knife and wearing a top hat. I created it as part of my Final Major Project in my Level 1 Artcourse at Aylesbury College. 


Top Hat

Top Hat Dagger

This was also part of my Fantastic and Strange FMP. It was created using the same methods and ideas as the one above.

Grendel's Brother

This is my Final Major Project from my Art Course at Aylesbury College. It is inspired by the Anglo Saxon poem ‘Beowulf’, in which the hero Beowulf goes on a journey to defeat the monster Grendel

Human Male

Charcoal Ghost

This is a drawing of a ghost. It is inspired by the works of JRR Tolkien

Drinking Vessel

Charcoal Hood

This is another drawing of a Ghost. As with the other one, I drew it as part of my ‘Fantastic and Strange’ Project.