Pencil Drawings




In Norse Mythology, Valhalla is the afterlife for fallen warriors.

Hel’s job is to guard the souls of those who have not died in battle.

One half of her face is dead and decomposed.

This was another concept sketch for my Paranormal Life Forms latex mask project.




This is my own idea for what a were wolf, or human wolf hybrid might look like. 



This was drawn by looking at a photograph.
Norse Giant

Norse Giant

This is a giant as described in Norse Mythology. These creatures were a metaphor for chaos; floods, avalanches and famine.
Human Male

Human Male

This was practice and drawing muscles. It was drawn by observing a small plastic model.



This was a concept a draw for my college project entitled “Journey Into Hell.”
The Antlers of the Wendigo

Antlers of the Wendigo

Another depiction of the Wendigo. This was also a concept drawing for ‘Paranormal Life Forms.’ The wendigo is sometimes described as having antlers so I thought I would do my own interpretation of that.

Drinking Vessel

Severed Head Goblet

This drawing depicts a drinking goblet made from a severed human head. 



This is a depiction of the Wendigo, a monster from Native American Mythology. I created it for my Final Major Project at Aylesbury College, entitled “Paranormal Life Forms”. This was not my final work. It was just me coming up with ideas. I wanted to make it look thin and gaunt without making it look too zombie like.


The Mothman

The Mothman is a monster from American Urban legend.

Other Pencil Drawings


The Asanbosam is a tree dwelling Vampire from African mythology. I created this drawing as part of my paranormal life forms project at Aylesbury College. 

Evil God

This is a concept I created for my Gods and Legends project at Aylesbury College. This God is not from any particular culture but is heavily influenced by African masks I saw at the British Museum.

Spring Heeled Jack

Spring Heeled Jack is a Victorian Urban Legend. He goes around London jump scaring people for fun, and usually depicted as a goblin like creature with metal claws. I wanting to do a drawing of Jack in mid leap. The stance is inspired by the statue of David Bowie in Aylesbury Town Centre by Andrew St Clair.


An orc is a creature first envisioned by JRR Tolkien, and are antagonists in The Lord of The Rings.

Disfigured Head

This is a drawing of a monster as part of my ‘Journey Into Hell’ Project at Aylesbury College.

Demon Worshipper

The concept of mutation frequently finds its way into my artwork. This drawing depicts an individual who is mutating due to his exposure to demonic forces. It is inspired by the models in Games Workshops Warhammer.