Pencil Drawings




In Norse Mythology, Valhalla is the afterlife for fallen warriors.

Hel’s job is to guard the souls of those who have not died in battle.

One half of her face is dead and decomposed. I have always been fascinated by the concept of the evil eye. I wanted to create creatures and characters that look like they are watching the viewer.

Hel was a living nightmare for the ancient Norse; perhaps not for her appearance, but rather for what she represented. Hel was ruler of an afterlife for those who had not died gloriously in battle. Therefore she represents a person fear of failure.

This was another concept sketch for my Paranormal Life Forms latex mask project. The students came up with all kinds of ideas. There were creatures inspired by A. I.  cyberpunk, creepy pastas and the SCP foundation. I wanted to stick to mythology. However I am always fascinated by the idea of combining ancient myths with more sci-fi ideas.




This is my own idea for what a werewolf, or human-wolf hybrid might look like. I wanted to come up with a unique look for the classic Halloween monster. 



This was drawn by looking at a photograph.
Norse Giant

Norse Giant

This is a giant as described in Norse Mythology. These creature were a metaphor for chaos; floods, avalanches and famine. If you were killed by a flood or a storm, it was the work of a giant. They also waged constant wars against Gods and humans and had to be fought by Gods like Odin and Thor. I always imagined this giant living in a lair somewhere in the mountains of Scandinavia. From there he ambushes travelers and communes with dark spirits. 

i created this drawing by observing photos of military gear and abandoned buildings

Human Male

Human Male

This was practice drawing muscles. It was drawn by observing a small plastic model. This is not at all horror or Halloween related, but it is important study anatomy before you can create a really damn good drawing. E.g. You have to study the anatomy of humans and dogs before you can create a werewolf.



This was a concept a draw for my college project entitled “Journey Into Hell.” I wanted this zombie to have something particularly creepy and repulsive about it; I was trying to make the viewer feel like they could touch and smell the dead flesh.

The Antlers of the Wendigo

Antlers of the Wendigo

Another depiction of the Wendigo. This was also a concept drawing for ‘Paranormal Life Forms.’ The wendigo is sometimes described as having antlers so I thought I would do my own interpretation of that. It is also intended to remind the view of fauns, forests and spooky fairy tales 

According to native American mythology, the wendigo is a human being who has been turned into a monster as a punishment for committing cannibalism. 


This drawing required a lot of observation of light and shadow. I also drew the tendrils by observing photographs of human muscles 

I drew this artwork by observing a photograph of a roman helmet. This was a valuable exercise in drawing reflections on metal. It also gave me good practice in drawing light and dark shading. 

Drinking Vessel

Severed Head Goblet

This drawing depicts a drinking goblet made from a severed human head. 



This is a depiction of the Wendigo, a monster or cryptid from Native American Mythology. I created it for my Final Major Project at Aylesbury College, entitled “Paranormal Life Forms”. This was not my final work. It was just me coming up with ideas. I wanted to make it look thin and gaunt without making it look too zombie like.


The Mothman

The Mothman is a monster from American Urban legend. It became something of a local super star, even getting its own statue in Point Pleasant West Virginia. The asinine conspiracy theories obscure the fact that this is a very engaging concept for a fantastical creature. There is actually a genre known as ‘speculative zoology’, where writers and artists come up with possible ideas for animals that could exist in the future. They have yet too explain how a creature like the mothman could survive, without there being a photograph of it in color and in focus. 

This drawing is of a ghost. I drew this by looking at many real life photos of garbage bags and people. I also took inspiration from contortionists. 

I drew this artwork by studying a photograph of a Gila monster, the worlds most venomous lizard. 


The Asanbosam is a tree dwelling Vampire from African mythology. I created this drawing as part of my paranormal life forms project at Aylesbury College. 

Evil God

This is a concept I created for my Gods and Legends project at Aylesbury College. This God is not from any particular culture but is heavily influenced by African masks I saw at the British Museum.

Spring Heeled Jack

Spring Heeled Jack is a Victorian Urban Legend. He goes around London jump scaring people for fun, and usually depicted as a goblin like creature with metal claws. I wanting to do a drawing of Jack in mid leap. The stance is inspired by the statue of David Bowie in Aylesbury Town Centre by Andrew St Clair.


An orc is a creature first envisioned by JRR Tolkien, and are antagonists in J RR Tolkien’s The Lord of The Rings. They also appear in Norse mythology 

Disfigured Head

This is a drawing of a monster as part of my ‘Journey Into Hell’ Project at Aylesbury College. 

Demon Worshipper

The concept of mutation frequently finds its way into my artwork. This drawing depicts an individual who is mutating due to his exposure to demonic forces. It is inspired by the models in Games Workshops Warhammer.