Clay Bark

This is a sculpture of a Tree Man. It is made using chavant clay. I created it as part of my Prosthetics Course at Aylesbury College. I intended it to be moulded in plaster to create a latex mask. I settled on another sculpture in the end, but this one was too good to pull apart.

Jack's Face

This is another work inspired by Victorian bogeyman Spring Heeled Jack. It is sculpted using chavant clay ontop of a plaster lifecast of my own face.


This is a simple sculpture of a human male. It is made using a wire armature, tin foil bulking, a foamboard base and sculpted in chavant clay

Germanic Warrior

This sculpture is made using the same methods as ‘Man’ and ‘Claws’. I imagined this character as a part of a battle scene. He is about to quickly lower his spear to signal a charge.


This sculpture is made using the same methods and materials I used to create the Man. This one depicts a monster.