Ink Drawings

Satanist Manuscript

This artwork depicts a manuscript which contains satanist incantations. I wanted to created a spell book and utilize methods of making paper look old, such as staining it with coffee. This artwork is inspired by the Necronomicon in H P Lovecraft’s Cthulu Mythos

Spell Book

This is a prop I created for a project at Aylesbury College. I used the same method that I used for the Satanist manuscript. Drawing and painting the images and characters in ink, staining the paper with coffee to make it look old, and applying paint as dried blood. It represents a spell book containing evil incantations. This work is also inspired by the Necronomicon from H P Lovecraft’s Cthulu Mythos

Red Demon

I created this demon concept as part of my ‘Fantastic and Strange’ project.

I drew this artwork in pencil

This artwork is based on the Necronomicon from H P Lovecrafts Cthulu mythos. It is also inspired by the monsters he created, Shoggoth, Y'golonac Ghatanathoa, and Yog sothoth. Lovecraft was a pioneer of the fantasy genre and was known for creating monsters, planets and worlds . I wanted this drawing to make the viewer think of small unsettling creatures, like molusques and creepy crawlies; animals very different to us.


I created this art print by drawing it in pencil. I then photographed it, put it through a filter on my phone and printed it.

I was inspired by the idea of nightmarish creatures from literature, hence the books. I took my lead mainly from the Edgar Allen Poe  story, ‘A Descent into the Maelstrom’. I also took inspiration from H P Lovecraft’s Cthulu mythos, specifically from his 1927 short story, The Horror at Red Hook. I hope the vortex adds a kind of surreal quality to the drawing. I am fascinated by the concept of other worlds and imagining the alien creatures that live there. I also love spooky clowns with grotesque physiology and over the top facial features


To create art prints, I draw or sculpt artworks, photograph them and print them. For this one, I sculpted the artwork out of oil based clay and sticks. I then photographed it on my android phone and put it through a filter to make the shapes sharper and crisper. I then printed it on my Epson XP970 printer. I used epson premium semi gloss paper.