Received these two great head busts today. The will help me draw the planes of the head. This shows you how with drawing, you must begin with simple shapes. Otherwise you will be constantly correcting yourself, trying to draw tiny details. Create the forms first, then put the details on top.


Practiced drawing today using a view finder. Its basically a clear plastic plane with a cross on it. The artist observes the subject he is drawing through it. He draws in pen on the plastic plane. This makes it easier to portray a 3 dimensional scene on a 2 dimensional format, like a piece of paper.


Just completed making a stand for my masks. Considered displaying them at the Raven and Broomstick but the price for a display case was just too high. This will be good for displaying my work at craft markets and art fairs though.


Finished. I was going to use acrylics with pros aide adhesive all over. It sticks better to the latex skin. But quite honestly games workshops Gore Grunta Fur is the best dried blood in the world.


Had a great time selling art prints today at the Craufurd Arms in Milton Keynes. Stalls From The Crypt is great for independent artists to sell their work. You can reach them and the Craufurd arms at the links below.

Stalls From The Crypt | Instagram, Facebook | Linktree

Stalls From The Crypt (@stallsfromthecrypt) • Instagram photos and videos

Home – The Craufurd Arms



Thankyou to stone village hall for giving me a selling opportunity.


Received this new head armature from Neill’s Materials. Can’t wait to start sculpting. This will give me the ability to make full head latex masks rather than ones that just cover the face. You sculpt the head in oil based clay then take a mold of it in plaster. 

This will also be great for displaying masks at craft markets and art shows.



Did some more of this sculpture today the green stuff sculpting is going better than I expected.


Thankyou to the Craufurd Arms for allowing me to sell at the alternative market.


Huge thanks to Leighton Buzzard Craft Market for getting me so many sales. You can reach them with the link below


Leighton Buzzard Market


Finished. I had considered giving this sculpture long hair but I think it is just fine as it is. I needed something to prop the arm up. I used a piece of a fishing rod. I smoothed down the clay using white spirit. The spear shaft is made of bamboo and the head from cardboard. I was going to use PVA glue to seal the clay but on my other sculptures it started to flake off after a few months. 


Began this new artwork. I was considering making this my Final Major Project for my Special Effects Course at Aylesbury College but it was taking too long.


Finished! I used white spirit to smooth out the surface of this sculpture. I considered using PVA glue to seal up the clay. But I don’t think this will be necessary. Also on my other sculptures the glue would flake off after a few months. I was also going to give this sculpture hair but I think it it looks fine as it is. The spear shaft is made from bamboo and the spear head is made from cardboard. I needed something to prop up the arm so I used a piece of a fishing rod.